Syllavethy Gallery


Gillian A. Gordon


Born in India to a military family, Gillian studied at a boarding school in Somerset where she was inspired by the colours, design and humour of medieval carvings and decorative textiles. Following that she worked in entomology at the Natural History Museum, flowers and trees becoming a life-long passion with her. She married John Gordon of Abergeldie Estate on Upper Deeside where she lived and farmed for many years. For three years, fairly recently, she lived in a community in London where she was introduced to Group Art Therapy, where art materials were used as a vehicle for expressing spontaneous images of the mind. Although Gillian has had no art or craft training, visitors found these wall hangings to be extraordinary, disturbing and absolutely stunning. This was the first time her work had been seen by the public and our Stalls Gallery was turned into a haunting and exciting Aladdin’s Cave! So good was the show, we now show her work permanently.


The gallery has had an exhibition of OVER 30 of Gillian's Wall Hangings